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dinsdag 28 augustus 2012

New in: Boots no7

Colour calming make-up base

This product can be used as a base underneath your make-up.
Because of this primer the make-up will stay much longer on your face.

Natural blush cheek colour

Love this beautiful blush!

maandag 27 augustus 2012

Monday Inspiration

Random pictures which I absolutely love. Have a nice week everyone! :) 

zondag 26 augustus 2012

Travel in style: My picked items

Some of you already went on vacation, some of you not yet.
I 'm going next month and I am already selecting what to take with me on an airplane

Usually it is very cold in the plane. That why I always carry a pair of socks and a scarf (Cashmere preferred) in my bag: If you have big scarf you can also use it as a blanket!

Up in the air you can get a very dry skin. So it's very important to hydrate your skin.
It can use some extra care.
A moisturizing creme, lipbalm and oil for below the eyes is what I'm using.

And not to forget: wipes! Nice and refreshing.

You sit right between all screaming children? Been there done that!
Nothing better than a pair of earplugs. I need them anyway because in charge of the air pressure.
(Make sure you take them out when the stewardess comes by to take the orders)
If you want to sleep it's best to use a sleep-mask because then you fall asleep more quickly.

What to do when your flight takes hours..? When they play a boring movie? When you are flying all by yourself?
Make sure you have a few movies on your Ipad. Or maybe you like playing games?!
Just listen to music on the Ipod..mindless my favourite. And read a magazine at the same time.

Myself, I love to play Yahtzee with my fellow passenger. And not to forget: food/bites! :)

Do you have something to add? Love to hear about your traveling assentials!

zaterdag 25 augustus 2012

Glossybox August

New in: My first glossybox! You guys probably now this hype.
Every month you get 5 selected items .. And it's a surprise because you down know what to expect.
First you make your own beauty-profile on the website, so they are aware of your preference.

This month: Kiehl's lipbalm (which I already have..) a luxurious shampoo, an eye pencil, an eyeshadow pallet and a make-up brush.

See you next month Glossybox :)

vrijdag 24 augustus 2012

Life in Instagram

Last week's details!
1: My outfit I was wearing to the beach 2: My favorite hair products I use on the daily basis.
3: Book + magazine I've bought for vacation 4: Enjoying the sun and water.
5: Me 6: New lip glosses from Sisley Paris.
7: My nail polish collection 8: Dr Murad products in a box.

See more and follow me: ilsedaniellemartina @Instagram

donderdag 23 augustus 2012

woensdag 22 augustus 2012

On my desk today

maandag 20 augustus 2012

Review: Dr Murad: Special value set

A few days ago I received this Dr Murad® Vitalic value set!
I was soooo curious for a long time about the Dr Murad® products so a perfect opportunity to try.
The last 3 days I''ve used al the 4 products and I this is the result:

 Energizing pomgranate moisturizer SPF 15
  Lightweight moisturizer protects against UVA / UVB rays and maintains the suppleness of the skin.

''This is so lovely! It lubricates well and soaks into the skin without a shiny layer remains.
I'm just not a big fan of the smell pomegranate, that''s too bad because I'm really super excited concerning the product.
I am definitely taking this moisturizer with me on holiday!"
 Energizing pomgranate foam cleanser
This dual-action foam cleanses and exfoliates with AHAs to leave skin clear, soft and smooth, while Energizing Pomegranate Complex infuses skin with a healthy glow.

"Also on this product, I can only mention positive things. The soft foam cleanses and refreshes the face optimal. A Perfect start in the morning in the shower."

 T-zone pore refining gel
Glycolic and Salicylic Acids gently exfoliate dull, dry surface cells to clear pores and remove skin imperfections.

"This gel attracts (seriously) within 5 seconds in your skin!
If u have spot on your skin, you feel a little tickle.. so you know It''s working.
I use this product after washing with foam cleanser and before applying the moisturizer.''
Skin perfecting primer dewy finish
An oil-free primer that ignites a radiant glow, powered by light-enhancing minerals. Restore smoothness while a universal shade provides the perfect skin tone match and minimize the appearance of pores

"Of course this is not my skincolor, but if I whipe it you wont notice.
It can be used under your foundation so your makeup last longer.
I''m not a big fan of apply a lot of make-up on my face but maybe when I have a party and my make-up has to stay on all night long.. I will use this product!

What I like about this product is that you won't get a shiny skin"

summerized: I really love the quality of the Dr Murad® products!
The only downside is that I''m not the biggest fan of the smell of pomgranate.. but beyond that:

 I am very impressed!

zondag 19 augustus 2012

Follow me

Whether you use a computer, tablet or a mobile.. don't forget to followme! :)
Appreciate every single follower!


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zaterdag 18 augustus 2012

Today's make-up

Today's  make-up!

Step1: I've used the (Chanel) universal bronze and  ever matte (clarins) as the basis.
Step 2: After that 've used bronze powder terracotta (Guerlain) and blush (Dior)
Step 3: Totally in love with the eyeshadow pallet! Naked (Urban Decay). When I put the primer on  first, it will stay on my eyes the whole day!
Step4: Mascara the colossal (maybelline)
Step 5: Last but not least: Pink lipstick that I have on every single day( M.a.c.) Hot gossip

Enjoy the weekend every one!!

donderdag 16 augustus 2012

"Les essentiels de chanel" preview

Press photos

Ohhh This preview of the new fall collection make me so curious!!
You all know I''m a big fan of the Chanel make-up especially the universal bronze and the nail polish.
In the fall collection you see a lot of nude colors (love that!) black, silver and gold.

I can't wait until they arrive in the store!

xo IDM

woensdag 15 augustus 2012

Random inspiration

dinsdag 14 augustus 2012

New in beauty

My first products from Himalaya and I really like it. The Foaming face wash in particular!

 Ohhh.. this scent reminds me of the past when I was a little kid and we went to the beach. It totally smells like summer! Nothing better than that. I've bought this already for vacation :)
Aftersun and shampoo/showergel (I own sunlotion and oil) Yves Rocher

 More products to take with me on vacation! I was dying to try the Kerastase Cristalliste(75ml). The Absolut repair Loreal shampoo (100ml)is very good stuff! I've used that product before.

 Oh I fell in love with this cute nail polish from ESSIE: Lovie dovie :)
I know.. I own at least 10 different pink nail polishes, but a girl can never have enough right?!

maandag 13 augustus 2012

Life in instagram

 Last weeks details! What are you looking at?!

1: Mojito strawberry favourite cocktail 2: Icecream 3: outfit to the beach 4: New nailpolish from ESSIE "lovie Dovie" 5: Mac Drive stop 6: Coozy time @ my desk 7: Me 8: @the beach 9: Us in the car driving to my hometown.

PS: I've had a little interview for Cheapflights

Check out this link!
Click here

Have a nice week! xx

zaterdag 11 augustus 2012


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