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maandag 31 december 2012

Look of the day

zondag 30 december 2012

Love the look: Comfy sweater

It's no news if I tell ya that I love The blog Sincerely Jules. I love ther outfits, she is such an inspiration to me!
One of her latest outfits: A beautiful comfy sweater in my favourite color.
I have now idea witch brand this is.. :If you know.. tell me!

zaterdag 29 december 2012

Hair donut

 My latest find: the hair donut. It's easy to pull in your hair (it only takes like 3 minutes) and it looks classy. My hair has curls so it's a bit more difficult. For the first time you really need to see a tuturial (youtube!) how to do it,
but if you get comfy with it.. its very easy. Don't forget to use enough pins!

vrijdag 28 december 2012

Life in Instagram Christmas

A few pictures to give you an impression about last week: Christmas Time :)

 I created smokey eyes..

donderdag 27 december 2012

Outfit of the day "Christmas"

Hope you all had a nice Christmas with friends, family, food, boardgames and 
other traditional things ;) I had a great time!

woensdag 26 december 2012

Pressday at Care Cosmetics (by John Beerens)

Last week I went to a press day at Care Cosmetics. John Beerens from the beautywebshop John Beerens organized this day for us beautybloggers.
They gave us a tour at their company. The director told us the whole history behind the company. They also told us more about the brands they represent: Pupa, Matis, Payot, Darphin, Skeyndor, Biguine and Murad.

dinsdag 25 december 2012

Merry Christmas!!

My favourite christmas song!

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maandag 24 december 2012

Smokey Eyes with black and blue

 How fun is it to play with make-up around christmas times :) You want something different then your "everydaylook" and you want something special that stands out. The best excuse to play with glitter!

zondag 23 december 2012

Biodermal: Day creme (dry skin)

After experiencing the Biodermal P-CL-E fluide that made me so exited it was time to try an other product from Biodermal. This time a new day cream for a dry skin.

As u all know I have a normal to combination skin type.. but now the days are so cold my skin can use something extra

zaterdag 22 december 2012

Life in Instagram

A nother week went by.. so a new "life in Instagram"for you readers!
Can you believe its almost Christmas.. I can't wait! So the next update will have a Christmas theme ;)
 Straight hair! Took me like two hours..
 True :)
 Boxes with products I've received
 Blow dry my hair
 Wednesday's details
 Working on a blogpost
 Mine were: Love, time and happiness :) What are yours?!
Beautycase on my desk at work

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vrijdag 21 december 2012

Boots Christmas Gift: The Garden Collection "Magnolia"

Still have to do some last-minute Christmas shopping?! Or still didn't finished your Christmas-wishlist? Boots introduces The Garden Collection. You can choose: Rose, Lavender and Magnolia. I got the last one.The smell is very sweet, I like the floral scent!

Hand Wash 75ml
Hand Lotion 75ml
Bath gel 300ml
Body Cream 250ml
Guest soap: 25g
Bath Crystal 50g
The products and the whole box has that luxurious eradiation. A perfect treat for us women if you ask me ;) It only costs €14,95 and thats not expensive if you realize that you get 6 different products for that price!
Bath Gel
Body Cream
Guest Soap and Bath Crystal
Hand Wash and Hand Lotion

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donderdag 20 december 2012

When I think of December...

When I think December, I think of...

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woensdag 19 december 2012

Streetstyle inspiration

Nothing to wear? No inspiration? Maybe here some inspiration!

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dinsdag 18 december 2012

CLEAN shower fresh eau de parfum

I am a huge fan of the CLEAN parfumes. After "Fresh laundry" and " Simply Soap"  I added a new one for in my bag: Shower fresh. I love it! What better than the feeling that you just came out of the shower and smell so fresh the whole day. I like to wear this at work.
It has a roller so you don't spray it but you directly put it on your skin.

Here in Holland you can buy CLEAN at Skincosmetics. they costs €70,- 
And the small one costs €10,-

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maandag 17 december 2012

Pupa Milano's Bubble nails

Some of you knew that bubble nail polish (also called: caviar nail polish) was on my wishlist!
So I was more than happy when I received 2 sets from Pupa Milano (from Care Cosmetics at an pressday by beauty webshop John Beerens, more of that soon) 
Specially for the holidays its fun to put something special on the nails. 
Of course I couldn't wait to try it out so here are the pictures that I specially made for you readers. Watch and learn :)
 I received the pink with multicolors and blue (I think its like midnight-blue.. I love the color)
 Because there are so many colors I like to put the bubbles on just one nail. It lays accent to it.
And you all know I love pink nail polish (I have more than 10 of them)
How cute, its like candy.. or icecream!!
It includes a box were the bubbles can fall in to when you trow them over your nails.
 And you can easily put them back in to the bottle! Don't want to lose them....
 And the blue one. The bubbles are so tiny!
 And back in to the bottle, just that easy.
 Here you can see the blue bubbles on my nails. First the blue coat and than the bubbles.
I prefer to do it one by one because the first nail polish dry's so quickly! And then let it dry for 5 minutes.

YES I had to clean my room afterwords and YES you need to have to take time for it.
But I really like the result! They say it will stay on your nails for days.. I am going to experience that when its Christmas. 

Price € 12,95 for a kit (includes 2 polishes) but if you buy them on: you will get 10% discount so you only pay €11,66.

You can also find a tutorial at:

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zaterdag 15 december 2012

Life in Instagram

Time to share some personal pictures again: Life in instagram!

 My favourite combination: Skull bracelet, Be-loved studded bracelet and my Michael Kors watch
 Yesterday's look
 John Beerens organized a day for bloggers @ Care Cosmetics, very fun! (post soon) This was a goodiebag we received.
 Christmas time is comming and I love it!! My roomies created this beauty. Every time I come home it give's me a smile from ear-to-ear so I must share this one.
 One of my looks last week @ work
 "An early in the morning" walk in Amsterdam.. It was soooo cold (-1) but it gave me energy.
 Last weekend  @my parents house..our cute dog I love her! She always want to play when I'm around.
 Pupa make-up @ Carecosmetics
Well if there is something that I really like to eat.. a meal @ IKEA.. yumm!

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Have a nice weekend ladies!!

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