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maandag 31 augustus 2015


The term Mademoiselle is a French familiar title, abbreviated Mlle, traditionally given to an unmarried woman. The equivalent in English is 'Miss'. However, the courtesy title 'Madame' is accorded women where their marital status is unknown.
Married or not, mademoiselle for me sounds like a strong, classy self-confident lady-like young-lady.
Just the thing I want to radiate.

The fragrance was created by Jacques Polge, the nose of Chanel since 1978.
Top notes: orange, bergamot, mandarin, Tunisian curaçao
Middle notes: morning rose, Italian jasmine, ylang-ylang, mimosa, florentine iris
Base notes: Indonesian patchouli, Haitian vetiver, Bourbon vanilla, white musk, opoponax, tonka bean.

Bath time:
It's not a secret that I loveee the bath foam. You can call me obsessed. The bottle (400ml) is almost empty (mehh...) 
Everytime I drop some foam in the bath my whole house smells like mademoiselle. And it puts me in to such a happy mood.
You can read the post "HERE" 

 It's all about layering. Showering or taking a bath first. Then moisturize the skin with bodylotion. Then spray some perfume on the skin and a bit in your hair.
I collect luxurious soap bars. But I also use them. For my hands most of the time. In a pretty tray.
Oh one day when I have my own pretty bathroom of my dreams...

In my opinion "Coco Mademoiselle" is the perfect parfume for a classy night out.
For a flirty mood when you'r out on a date. Wearing lingerie, a sexy dress and some pretty lipstick.
And you'r go to go!

Sequin blouse: JoshV |  Hair accessorize H and M | Brooch Chanel | Make-up toiletry Louis Vuitton | Bra Primark | Lipstick Chanel | Eyeshadow palette Chanel

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vrijdag 28 augustus 2015


Totally obsessed with this new range of from The Body Shop.
Products that will give you this luxurious spa feeling. Who doesn't love that?
I am a big fan of the body products that I've received.

Polynesian Monoi Radiance
Used by the women of the Pacific Islands for over 2,000 years for luscious, glowing skin and hair, Monoï is a sacred blend of coconut oil and fragrant tiare flowers – a sublime escape to paradise. Use this radiance-enhancing oil as part of our blissful ritual when your body is in need of luxury.

African Ximenia Scrub
Handpicked in Namibia from the ‘Tree of Life’, the ximenia fruit seed yields a luxuriously rich oil, leaving skin feeling smoother and softer.

Japenese Camellia Cream
Camellia oil has been used by Japanese women since the 8th century to gently soften and moisturize skin. The exquisite scent of this pure and elegant flower allows mind and body to reconnect with a moment of profound peace. Use this rich body cream with a light, velvety texture as part of our relaxing ritual when you’re in need of a fast-track to tranquillity.

I am very impressed by these products! 

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donderdag 27 augustus 2015


 I'm mean seriously she always know's how to look absolutely stunning.
And she is so pretty. A seriously girlcrush is going on here.
 The Chanel "boy" bag. Who doesn't have that on their (someday) wishlist? 
Jacket from Chiquelle // shoes from Zara // Acne t-shirt // Prada sunglasses // Levis shorts // Chanel boy bag // watch from Larsson & Jennings

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woensdag 26 augustus 2015


Nili Lotan Military Jacket Goop | Studio Nicholson Teddy oversized cotton-poplin shirt | Rusty Birdy Felt Hat | Apple Macbook | Tom Ford Beauty Eau de Parfum - Noir Pour Femme | Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish - Walking on Sunshine | Miller Harris Perfumer's Library: Le Jasmin | SHOW Beauty Premiere Finishing Spray | Rag & bone The Boyfriend distressed mid-rise jeans | Illesteva Palm Beach round-frame acetate sunglasses | SheIn(sheinside) Grey Buckle PU Shoulder Bag | The Office of Angela Scott Mr. Colin Suede Double-Monk Oxford.

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zondag 23 augustus 2015


While watching youtube video's (what I like to do on the daily basis) I came across the cannel from Anna Nooshin. I've read her book and I am a big fan of her. She is so pretty but here personality is also great! But anyways.. She uploaded a tutorial with 3 easy hairstyles with braids.
I've tried it and this is the result! I did got lots of compliments that day.
It's nice when you have a special occasion (like a wedding or anything) but I like to wear it when I'm going out for dinner or something. Specially when the weather is very hot outside. My big curly hair can be intenslyyyy hot in the summertime.
Hint: You only need 2 pins for this look!
Watch Anna her video here:

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donderdag 20 augustus 2015


Time for a new type of article! Ask men. This idea pops in to my head very spontaneous last week.
I was busy with an article for the new Chanel nail polish for fall 2015. I am a big fan of blue.
All the ones you see in the picture came out of my own stash. But.. I always think: "What would men think of this? I think they hate it and prefer red or just a simple french manicure.
So why not ask them? I've asked a couple of good male friends of my who has most of the time a strong opinion.  Different types like the "businessman", the "cool boy" the " banker"  and the more "nerdy" type.

They came with some very honest and hilarious answers!

Man 1 (Cool, streetwise)
"I think blue nail polish for woman is not that interesting. Not any kind of blue except when it has like some gold added to it like a stripe or something.
When it's all basic I don't like it. Not ugly but depressing actually.

The type of woman I think of when I see blue nail polish is boring and strictly. But it can be fashionable I guess. I Think baby-blue is cute!
I love to see a woman wearing white, red or pink. French manicure is also a good choice.
For a special occasion black can be nice to. Matt or shiny. Only when it's stylish!
I also prefer basic/clean nail polish. And I say clean because some woman are like pigs and they don't take care of their nails."

Photo: Sincerly Jules.

Man 2 (Nerd)
"Hmmm.. Ok let me see a picture I need to visualize. 
Oh heavy! I don't know. It depends on the skin-tone I guess and who is wearing it.
If you have very light skin-tone I don't think this will suit you though. 
In my opinion a pastel kind of blue is the best choice. I see a fashionable girl wearing this heavy kind of blue. Specially not my mom! 
I prefer no nail polish (just a basecoat maybe) on the nails.
A french manicure, what is that? Oh yeah I like that but the nails have to be short cut not to long.
I thing long nails are scary!"

Man 3 (Sales-adviser)
"I like dark blue! But I must honestly say, me as a man.. I can't see the difference between different kind of blues.
I definitely see a confident, not standart, classy kind of woman wearing blue nails.
But I like neutral/basic nails the most. 
And you should know.. I like to polish the nails of a woman. I think its exciting and fun!
Don't ask me why. Me: Ok.. you can polish mine sometimes?!
I would love to. When?"

Man 4 ( Banker)
" Blue nail polish for me is similar to leggings: a piece of clothing that is a real no-go, until the right woman wears it.
Some woman can get away with it but in my opinion only when you match the nail polish with blue accessories. Like your shoes, the bag or maybe your phonecase.
It's s a no-go when the woman is very light skin-toned. 
If a woman wants to wear it she nees to radiate class. A young woman who is ambitious and likes to follow trends.
I prefer a lighter color of blue or els it can be a bit harsh.  

In my opinion red is the best choice for nails (and lips) for a woman. it brings out the primal instinct up in the man. 

Conclusion. Ok I love blue nail polish.. but I will never wear it on a first date again when I want to impress a man. Haha I loved the honest reactions of these men. It's pretty obvious that men are not that in to blue nail polish (except when you are veryyyy stylish) and prefer to see us with simple basic- but well taking care off -nails. Boring right?!

What do you girls think? Would you like to see and article like this more often?

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dinsdag 18 augustus 2015


My favorite products of this and last month.
During the summer months I don't wear that much make-up. But I do like to take care of myself of course!

Let me tell you which products I've used.

Dermalogica Solar Defence Booster SPF50
I am very positive about this product from Dermalogica. I mix this in the morning with my day-cream. So that my face is protected. The substance is so light! And the smell is very soft and pleasant.
And perfect for people with sensitive skin.

Dermalogica Breakout control
At my vacay I had the best skin ever, wearing no make-up and stuff. But when I came back my skin got a little out of balance. Ok and I eat a lot of pork on the vacation and my skin reacts very intens on that. So this new product was very wanted. I apply this only on the skin wear needed.

The Body Shop Oils Of Life intensely revitalizing essence lotion.
There will be an article about this soon but I am very enthusiastic about this new product from The Body Shop. It's and extra step to give the skin some extra moisture. But some product on a cotton pas and add it on your whole face after cleansing and before the daycream.

The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter
I loveee loveee loveee this oh' so gorgeous highlighter. Perfect.
No more words needed.

Barry M 305 pink flamingo nail polish
I have this color in my stash for a while now but I didn't use it before.
But for this time in the summer it's perfect.

Bobbi Brown Golden Bronze Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick
A perfect and very long-wear eyeshadow stick that I wore a lot lately.

Kerastase Soin Premier Therapiste 
Recently came in but I am such a fan already! My hair is very dehydrated because of the sun so it can use some extra deeply intens care.

Sisley Eau Floral Spray Mist
My absolute most used product last months. Because of the hot weather and shiny faces.
A lovely refreshing spray can do so much for the skin. And for the make-up! If you want a quick fresh-up when you'r on the run for your appointment in the afternoon.

Marc Ibane Natural tanning spray + brush
The biggest fan ever. This give such a great result! To bad this is only for one of two days.
I use this just for the face.

Sisley Buff And Wash facial gel
I don't use this every day but at least 3 times a week. It gives me a fresh and clean feeling.

Jacket Klink Barcelona, Vogue NL september 2015.

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zondag 16 augustus 2015

zaterdag 15 augustus 2015


Although we're half way trough summer I didn't had any new summer fragrance.
You know like every year you want a new one when spring/summer arrives.
Floral, fresh and feminine. And that is exactly what this eau the toilette from L' Occitane is!

Iris Bleu & Iris Blanc Eau de toilette is a truly precious and unexpected fragrance from La Collection de Grasse. It blends white iris from the Mediterranean contrasting its evanescent sweetness with the intensity of the blue Iris Pallida from Grasse.

This silky shower gel gently cleanses the skin leaving it delicately fragranced with an unexpected and velvety scent, born of the union of two precious iris.

Eau the toilette €56,- Shower gel €14,50
There are more products available in this range.

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donderdag 13 augustus 2015


Chanel recently launched their new collection  "Blue Rhythm" 
With much dark blue and black colors. Sexy and smoky for fall!
As you all know, I love blue! When I saw this nail intens fibrant polish in the color Vibrato, it was love at first sight.
Can't wait to rock this polish with an all white fashionable outfit.

As Chanel says about the collection: 
An exhilarating harmony, a fascinating rhythm in blue major, with its rebellious spirit sweeping away everything in its path. Soft and elegant in daylight, its tempo quickens at nightfall. Pure notes, improvised choruses, an explosion of saturated chords… Blue now interpreted as an electrified jazz score. 

In the same Blue Rhythm collection there is another gorgeous nail polish called "Fortissimo"

Swatch! I added two layers on my nails.
PS: There is a big article coming up about about blue nail polish. And not what you think right now..
Stay tuned!

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maandag 10 augustus 2015


My hair has enough to suffer past months. Lots of sun, beach, dyeing my hair...
So my hair need's a quick shot of moisturize. I've heard a lot of positive reviews about the Kerastase Resistance Therapiste range. So I've placed an order at
You can find brands like Moroccanoil, Redken, Fudge, L' Anza and many more.
High quality salon products for good deals!
Reverse Fiber Renewal Care Conditioner created to use before shampoo to protect & repair very damaged, over-processed hair without the weigh-down effect.
Before cleansing, using a quarter-sized amount, massage into wet hair from lengths to ends. Rinse. Can be used after shampoo.

Extra Creamy Shampoo Fiber Renewal Care for very damaged, over-processed fine, medium and thick hair.
Using a quarter-sized amount, massage into wet hair and scalp. Rinse.
I am very positive about the products. They make my hair very healthy and soft at first time using.
I will use them as a treatment for a week.

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vrijdag 7 augustus 2015


Julie always know how to rock a simple outfit.
I love this 70's outfit!

PAIGE DENIM ‘georgina’ tank
PAIGE DENIM high rise bell canyon flares
ISABEL MARANT leather heels
CHLOE ‘faye’ bag

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woensdag 5 augustus 2015


Just a quick share on this wednesday.
Full on summer! I really like this collection from Tom Ford.
Very expensive but worth the money I guess. ;)

Have a nice day!

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zondag 2 augustus 2015


 I had my eye on this beauty for a while now.
So when I finally came across a Sephora counter I could not leave this behind.
The Urban Decay Naked "On the run" palette. A perfect combination of make-up.
I don't have to tell you anything I guess.. You must have seen this trending item all over internet now!

I've made these pictures on the beach in Barcelona.

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