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donderdag 31 december 2015


Oh, Oh, Oh. LOVE for these gorgeous lipsticks from Chanel. I am also very pleased how the picture came out. It's my screensaver  now btw.

 Rocking this dress in Barcelona! I like to take outfit shots but don't do that much often.
And on vacation I like to do that a lot. My favorite dress, sun, fun= SMILE

 Wow look at these gorgeous blushes! It make's my happy while looking at it.
 The combination of the background, colors and product. It all makes sense.
A review about a REN product.

 Calvi! So much fun, love, friends, sun, drinks everything! It was perfect.
 Girly things! And a lot of Chanel. 
 A look from fall I really like. Very simple but the gorgeous bag finishes the look.
Something different with my hair. And I like it! Its so easy to create. 

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maandag 28 december 2015


When the press mail arrived with this new brand Delilah I was very excited! Gorgeous luxurious make-up products. Time for me to check it out. I received this gorgeous classic lipstick called "Vintage".

To me it's very important that a lipstick is creamy and not drying out the lips. This one does the damn job very well. My lips are hydrated and comfortable. The color comes much more brighter on my lips than it looks on the lipstick itself. Yeah I am very positive and looking forward to try out more products of this brand.

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donderdag 24 december 2015


 Hi Beauties!
Today something different. I thought it would be fun to share with you some beauty disasters we all gecognize. I came up with quit some stuff.

"Running out of cottonpads"
" Sneezing when you put your mascara on"
"When your shampoo and conditioner bottles are not finishing at the same time"
"Forget to bring your towel to the bathroom when you are already in the shower or bath"
"Nail polish that flakes"
"Forgetting your lipbalm and having dry lips all day "
"Bumps on your skin after shaving"
"a bit too enthusiastic plucking eyebrows"
"Leaving the hairsalon feeling like a superstar, next day there is nothing left from that"
" Taking off make-up when you're really drunk and want to go to bed"
"Sponteneous sleepovers. No make-up, using handcream as a bodylotion, some else's toothbrush... same outfit as yesterday. Do I need to say more?"
"When your foundation is not the right color anymore. Summer-winter circumstances"
"shampoo in your eye"
"A total different haircolor than was showed on the packaging."
"When smokey eyes turns out to be looking like a panda"
"When your eyeliner on the left side is not equal to the right one"
"Lipstick on your teeth"

Photo: Harpers Bazaar UK.

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woensdag 23 december 2015


Photo's: Pinterest.

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maandag 21 december 2015


I was invited to come to Belgium by Yves Rocher. It was so much fun! I was very honored to be a part of this event. Everything was taking care of so well. 
We were with a group of 8 girls (Cosmogirl, Girlscene, etc) and a group of Belgium girls.
The new products for the next year were represented in this beautiful location.
To give you an impression here are some photo's!
Reviews about the products will take a while ofcourse but to be continued..

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woensdag 16 december 2015


Time for a smokin' sexy holiday look! Smokey eyes, red lips, lace cat-ears... it's all aloud for this look.

1: L'Oreal "Blake's red"
I am obsessed with this perfect classy red lipstick from the beginning. It stays on the lips for hours and its just perfect.
2: Laura Mercier | "Dark Spirit" mono eyeshadow
Ultra black so I love to use this for a smokey eye.
3: Leg Avenue "Venice Lace Cat Ears" 
Cute and sexy at the same time! Wear this to a non-casual dinner.
4: The balm " Mary-lou manizer" highlighter
Oh I wear this everyday. It gives you so much glow! Can't live without this anymore.
5: Oribe hairspray.
Ok must be honest I haven't used this hairspray before but everyone is so lyrical about it and it's definitely added on my wish-list!

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maandag 14 december 2015


Tanning? Yes please! The sexy summer sun-kissed glow is gone and may we all miss that.
To me the body is not that important to be bronzed but my face does.
I go the solarium once a month in fall/winter but that is not the best for the skin we all know that.
I used the Marc Ibane natural tanning spray for the last 4 months I think and I guess I am kind of addicted to it. So I was just about to run out my mini travel size so this launch came at the right time.

How cute is this mail box?! Very original if you ask me. The full-size 200ml is included.

I have written a review about the natural tanning pray if you have missed that you can read that HERE

How to use:
* Shake the bottle before using.
* Use a towel above your clothing.
* Spray the texture on your skin
*Wait 10 seconds.
 * Then go with circle motions on the skin.
€39,95  now available.

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vrijdag 11 december 2015


My very first dry shampoo. I always was bit skeptical before about dry shampoos but when Aveda (one of my favorite brands when it comes to hair-products) I had to try it. My hair is on the dry side and I can imagine people with greasy hair need to use this. But why not for me? Let's give it a try!

About the dry-shampoo.
non-aerosol powder mist absorbs excess oil between shampoos
calming shampure™ aroma with 25 pure flower and plant essences
99.8% naturally derived*

Helps extend a great blow dry, revive hair after a workout, refresh hair while traveling, and transform hair before a night out.

Tip bottle upside down. Return upright. Turn cap to expose nozzle.
Lightly squeeze bottle to puff powder at roots. (Squeeze bottle very lightly until you see how much comes out with each puff. Tip bottle as needed to increase powder flow).
Massage powder into your scalp and restyle as desired.

Hold the base of the cap firmly in place with one hand and turn the top to expose the nozzle.
Squeeze bottle very lightly until you see how much comes out with each puff.
Make sure to turn the cap closed when you’re finished to avoid spills.
It was fun to dry and when I need just about some extra volume I like to use it. But I am still not blown away when it comes to dry-shampoos. I really like the aroma therapy fragrance to it as always. And it's very different from all the other dry-shampoos that you can squeeze the bottle itself.

€29,90 now available.

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woensdag 9 december 2015


 I got invited to this Keune hair event were we got a tour trough the whole company. Even the fabric!
It was so much fun. We were with a group of 8 girls, ready to get a small touch-up or a big make-over!
I've dyed my hair a couple of weeks a go a bit darker because it was veryyy light after the summer.
So no extreme make-over for my. But they did dyed my hair... and the end you see the result!
 Here you can see the storage facility.
The laboratory.
Yet empty boxes.
 The group of girls.
 Gorgeous hair creation.
 A-MA-ZING! Do I need to say more?

 So this is the result! Not a big make-over but definitely a warmer tone. With a tiny red-glow.
I like it! 
The hairstylist dried my hair with this new kind-of diffuser system. I must say I like my traditional one more because my curls get more definition. You can see that my hair is more frizzy which I don't prefer.

Thanks to Keune for this pleasant day! 

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maandag 7 december 2015


 Meet my new toy! This skincare tool called Luna mini" from Foreo had definitely conquered heart. This Swedish brand that has more luxurious beautyproducts like electric toothbrushes. 
I didn't own a cleaningbrush yet so it was more than time to try this out.
When I received this beauty my skin was very out of balance.
The best way to experience this tool.

About the Foreo Luna Mini
Foreo's LUNA™ mini is made from waterproof, non-porous silicone to gently remove dead skin cells, unclog pores and enhance the absorption of cleansing products. This travel-friendly size lasts up to 300 uses before it needs to be recharged, while the innovative design requires no replacement brush heads. Proven to be significantly more effective than using your hand, it will reveal a brighter, clearer, more radiant complexion with regular use. 

- Three-zone brush is suitable for all skin types - T-Sonic™ pulsations for deep, gentle cleansing - Can be used with any cleanser

Every LUNA™ mini comes with a 2-Year Limited Warranty and 10-Year Quality Guarantee. 
 They come in different colors: magneta (fuchsia pink), petal pink, turquoise blue, purple (the one I have! and cool grey.

I like to use my Eve Lom cleanser the most because that is very creamy/oily.
In the picture I use the REN Rosa Centifolia Foaming Cleanser.
THE  Philosophy Pure made simple and Fabulous Face Cleanser from Aesop are also favorite.
I can't choose yet.. ;)

How to use
They tell u to use this twice a day but I do this only in the evening. One minute is enough.
It's waterproof so u can easily use this in the shower. You can use this 300 times until you need to charge this again! The cord comes in the packaging.

Because it's silicone it's very easy to clean and u don't need to buy different brushes comparing to other cleansingtools.

 I am very impressed. I had some doubts first because you will think that a brush with hair can go deeper. I've read a lot of reviews worldwide and it was true what they say. You can see difference in one week!
Price: €119,-
Available at net-a-porter, Douglas, and Sephora.

More information:

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zaterdag 5 december 2015


 Primark launches their new spring/summer collection for the next year 2016!
Awesome to have a little preview and imagine wearing skirt, dresses and sandals :)
To give you an impression here are some pictures.
To see the actual collection you have to wait a few months ofcourse.

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