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vrijdag 29 januari 2016


Oui, Oui! A romantic weekend in Paris.. who doesn't want that? Valentine is coming and I thought it would be fun to share some inspiration. 
I am in Paris the weekend before Valentinesday so there will be a full article about that!

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woensdag 27 januari 2016


New year, new order at the!
I've heard so many positive feedback on the products from Redken.
I've tried the pure force 20 and I was curious about some other products. 

2 in 1 curly & wavy cream serum formula fights frizz, seals in moisture and locks out humidity. Provides control for all curl types and enhances the full-body of each curl.

This may looks like the best product of all.. but not for me unfortunately.
My hair is bit dry at this moment (from all the chemical treatments and blow-drying every day) and this make's it feels worse. The other products really makes my hair feel soft and moisturized. This one doesn't. Sorry redken!

I loveee this! I will definitely pull purchase this again. I love to apply this in my hair after a good shampoo. It moistures so very well. Yep only positive feedback on this product.

Moisturizing conditioner for dry hair detangles and helps replenish and rebalance hair's moisture level for a soft, shiny, airy finish. Its formula is enriched with Apricot oil, Glucosamine and Glycerin to help penetrate the hair to condition hair's cuticles and restore moisture. This conditioner for dry hair provides a soft and shiny finish.

Pure Force 20. Still a big fan! It has a new packaging but the product is still the same and I like it so much. It gives the perfect finish for my hair.

Its advanced formula delivers a clean, firm finish that will also give your hair a strong and shiny look all day.

This Redken Pure Force 20 finishing spray is an environmental friendly and non-aerosol spray that dries quickly. The product will make your hair firm without leaving residue after brushing.

When you reach the €30 you don't pay delivery costs, you save for your own discount and the products will arrive the next day.
You can find more brands like: Kerastase, Moroccanoil, L'Anza, Macadamia, Pureology and more.

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maandag 25 januari 2016


I 've never shared a post about my favorite instagram accounts.
I love instagram and I spend a lot of time on it. Let me show you my favorites!

E-VE-RY single picture that she uploads is amazing. Her killing body, tropical destinations..
Makes me jealous every single time : )

 You all know I love her style. So not only her blog but also her instagram is favorite.
Her cool California style. What not to love about it. 
Mermaid! Her hair.. she is so pretty and her style is amazing. Also her picks when it comes to beautyproducts.
The blondeeeeee tigers! These two girls who come from Amsterdam and now live in New York are so funny. I watch them on youtube all the time. So I also follow them around on Instagram.
Pictures in NY, the best rooftop views... 
This gorgeous Dutch girl who is so pretty (her hair!). I've wrote her book and sometimes see her at press-events and she alsways knows how to style herself.
Girlcrush allert! Every picture that she uploads on her account is wonderfull and inspiring.
Another girl from Amsterdam. I read her blog for years! Always in Ibiza and she has a very unique style. She never follows and thats what I like about her.
A pretty girl from Paris with a sense style that you can not miss. And oh her face. Like a doll!
This girl travels around the world and her account is very inspirational. She also won a bloglovin award a few months ago.
It's always fun to follow a model. I follow a lot of girls and specially VS models. 
backstage shots, off-duty.. love it!

I follow over 500 instagram accounts so there is a lot more to show you.
But these are absolute favorite!

Follow me at: @ilsedaniellemartina

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zaterdag 23 januari 2016


I't been a while so a very spontaneous "What's in my bag?' edition.
Bag Marc Jacobs | Mascara Chanel Le volume | Mini blush-brush Real Techniques | Ipod Apple | Iphone Apple | Bobbi Brown Art stick | Lipstick Smashbox | Lipgloss Clarins | Tweezers Tweezerman | Blush Bobbi Brown | Fragrance Jo Malone Wild Bluebell  | Gum Sportlife | Wetties  

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donderdag 21 januari 2016


Smashbox launches a new collection of lipsticks! The collection called "Be Legendary".
Some of them are matte and some of them are creamy. I prefer the last one.
But matte lipsticks are very populair at the moment.

Pinch me (matte)
A fresh coral- orange which is perfect for spring! The matte finish does not feel dry on the lips.
The color does not fit me.. unfortunately.

Panorama pink (creamy)
When I first saw this lipstick I fell in love right away!
It looks like a perfect pink. But when I apply the lipstick on my lips it really changes. Maybe because of my lip color (it's a bit darker). Unfortunately it's to baby-pink for me. It's much lighter than I thought it would be.

Swatches! You can see the difference between the two colors. The first one is creamy and the second one is matte.

Price: €22,- Available at the end of Januari.

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dinsdag 19 januari 2016


What have I been up to?
1:  Note to yourself! 2,3: Iceskating! With my man. Always so much fun. It was about a year ago when we did this for the last time. After that we went out for dinner: Tappa's and sangria!
4+5+6:Smile! It was pretty cold outside that day.
7: Beautiful Amsterdam! Love my city.8: Positivity! 9: Love this blush from Bobbi Brown called plum. My all-time favorite.
10: Summer or winter.. always in for icecream! 11: How cute is this flamingo from Lush?! I love to take baths with a cute bubble-bar like this.
12: Sale at VS!  Preparing an article for Valentine in Paris (so stay tuned for that!) and I totally got inspired here.
13: Another bath time story. A review wil come soon about this bath oil from L'Occitane. 14: Boe! Sunday is also a day for face and hair-masks. 
15:  Favorites of the day. That unicorn bubble bar!! 

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maandag 18 januari 2016


NEW! Dermalogica launges a new product: The skin soothing hydrating lotion.
I am a big fan of the moisturizers from Dermalogica. My skin loves it.

About the moisturizer:

Clear Start is a system of nine serious products that utilize medicated ingredients and soothing botanicals to deliver real results.
Sometimes my skin can get a bit out of balance. So I like to use a few products from this range.

Moisturizing, plant-based Squalane softens and nourishes.
Hyaluronic Acid provides instant relief of skin dehydration.
Gentle botanicals including Ginger, Orange and Grapefruit soothe and protect the skin.

My opinion

I like it! To be honest I expected a richer lotion/cream. For the winter time this is who light-weighted.
So when spring arrives I will use this more often.
Of course the product itself is very good. It helps balancing the skin.
But the product is quit similar to the one with SPF in it(oil clearing matte moisturizer spf15) . And I can imagine people with choose that over this one. I will choose this one because it gives just a bit extra care.

I can give away 3 of these moisturizers.
What you have to do?
Follow me on Instagram and send me an e-mail to let me know that your're in!
You can send the e-mail to:
I will contact the winners on friday (22jan)
Good luck!

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zaterdag 16 januari 2016


Chanel has launched their new spring collection.
Take a look!
 Chanel LA Sunrise SunKiss Ribbon face palette is a limited edition palette featuring five different shades, including three blush shades, a golden-beige bronzer, and a radiant, soft-pink highlighter.
 Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks are available in three shades. 114 Shipshape,116 Mighty and 118 Energy.
Chanel Les 4 Ombres Eyeshadow Palette in Beverly Hills is a limited edition tribute to the famous city located in Los Angeles County. The palette is delivered in a sleek black case with Chanel’s insignia, a small mirror, and two applicators. There are four shades to choose from: lavender, ivory, bright turquoise.

Chanel Illusion d'Ombre shimmering long-wear eyeshadows are offered in three shades, and one of them is issued in a limited edition. 
Griffith Green.
 Moonlight Pink
Ocean Light

 Chanel Mascara Le Volume arrives in a limited edition shade named Ardent Purple. This purple colored mascara is fun and youthful, and it will make you look bigger and brighter.
 Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof comes in three shades.
Fervent Blue,  Purple Choc and Pacific Green.
, Chanel Le Vernis Nail Gloss is issued in a gorgeous indigo blue (dark purple) shade named 684 Sunrise trip.

Now available!

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vrijdag 15 januari 2016


Loveeeeee these outfits! So inspirational :) Would love to have all of these outfits.

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woensdag 13 januari 2016


Only because it takes so much time, I don't have this hairstyle every single day.
I love it! So classic and fits everyone. Only because my hair is very curly from itself it takes so much time: At least two hours. I'm not only having quit long hair but specially a lot of hair!
I am telling you in a short way how the proces works for me.

Staightning: First after showering I blowdry my hair. I do that with a rotating air brush from Babyliss. That takes about an hour. After that its dry and straight. But verrrry frizzy.
So the next step is straighting my hair with a tool from CHI. This takes about 15 minutes.
Sometimes I leave it straight like this but it looks better with curls. I use a lot of serum for this or else it stays very frizzy!
Curls! Big wavy curls. For this last step I use my curl iron from BrAun. Perfect! You can dose the heat yourself just like the CHI tool. This takes about 45 minutes.

With a lot of hairspray I try to keep the curls in my hair. But unfortunately they don't stay all day.
So if you have tips for me.. let me know!

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