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vrijdag 26 februari 2016


SheIn(sheinside) Khaki Buckle Strap Embellished Hat | Alexander Wang Zip-detailed asymmetric cotton-blend sweater | Mock leather jacket in black by Acne Studios | Chloé Drew Nano-Crossbody | Yves Saint Laurent Les Sahariennes - Healthy Glow Balm-Powder | 
Borger Shoes Leather buckle ankle boots | CHANEL LE VERNIS Nail Colour Secret | Hailey Distressed Ripped Skinny Jeans | GUESS Declan Women's Lace-up Boots, Blue | Dolce & Gabbana The One Desire 75Ml Edp | 

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woensdag 24 februari 2016


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maandag 22 februari 2016


A unique and iconic collection that brings together two seemingly-distant worlds, with a highly original trademark:"
An explosion of colours, femininity and beauty that shares the same values as this irresistible car: pop art, the dolce vita”
The names of the colours are inspired by the emotions of a woman behind the wheel of her beloved 500.

For myself: To be honest I am not the biggest fan of the collection because of the collors.
The products are gorgeous on itself. And very springy!

Double effect eye shadow wet and dry "30 pink turn me on"
Two new ultra pearly colours, highly reflective thanks to the special “baked” eye shadow. It is used with a dry brush for a bright effect, or with a dampened brush for more cover and longer hold.

Silk effect eye shadow 75 gold dazzle me.
An extraordinary new pearly colour with brilliant shine and bright colour right from the first application for an ultra-sophisticated look.

Art design lipstick "19 pink turn me on"
With an extraordinary ultra-creamy and enveloping texture, Art Design Lipstick features two new colours, both rich and shiny to give your lips a professionally “redesigned” look.

A skillful light effect that evenly illuminates the face, for a “diffused brightness” spread evenly across the face.

Mascara art design
The innovative Mascara Art Design is one of this season's trendiest colours with its high impact, “panoramic effect”.

Eyeliner professional
Next season's must-have colour emphasizes the look with an ultra-subtle, intense, bright and highly accurate line.

Nail Lacquer chrome effect/gel effect 575 coral "don't stop me"

Gloss Design
The two new colours from the revolutionary Gloss Design range have a hyper-sensorial texture, plumping effect and long-lasting shine. "Coral don't stop me"

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vrijdag 19 februari 2016


A two-in-one groundbreaking serum featuring two age-defying formulas for youthful-looking skin. 
Powered by 20 pure plant extracts and potent, high-tech molecules, Clarins award-winning bestseller combines two age-defying formulas into one groundbreaking serum that supports skin’s natural, vital functions. In as little as four weeks, you’ll see firmer skin, reduced appearance of wrinkles, a more even skintone, and less visible pores. 
Available for the skintypes: Normal, Dry, Combination, Oily

Hydration: hyaluronic acid, cleavers, root extract, extract Katafray
Nutrition: kiwi, perilla oil and macadamia oil
Oxygen supply: pine extract, wild rose oil and arnica
Protection: green tea leaf, pistachio pine extract, quinoia and oxydendron
Innovation: green banana, lemon thyme, avocado and extracts

I am a big fan of the Bi-Serum Intensief Anti-Soif! Time to try something new.
This Double serum is one of the best sellers so that must be very promising. 
I am very positive about it. The fragrance is always so suiting. My skin feels very soft and awake after applying this on my skin. My skin is young so anti-aging is not the most important benefit for me. I must say the Bi-Serum Intensief Anti-Soif took my heart so for me the best serum in the world.
But this as a perfect alternative. I will use this one untill the last drop!

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woensdag 17 februari 2016


Probable the most I ever spend on a lipbalm. But it's so much worth the money(€43)!
I had a true addiction to the balm the rose from Dior but that one is not available anymore :(
I've heard so much about this one and thats why I went to Sephora (in France) tot buy it.
I loved it right away after the first use.

About the balm:
An ultra-glamorous, multi-protective and nutri-plenishing SOS treatment for double use: lips and nails. Ultra-rich, it soothes the driest and most delicate areas. This precious balm is creamy, non-sticky, humectant and silky and features a delicate rose fragrance.

A lipo-regenerating complex made up of Rose Flower Essential Wax with softening and astringent properties, Pastel Oil to boost cell renewal, and Shea Butter with healing and soothing benefits, supplies strength, nutrition and comfort.

- The Hydroskin complex, a combination of filling spheres and active ingredients of lipid origin, provides optimal hydration.

- Biotechnological ceramides deliver youthfulness and density thanks to their restructuring and firming action and their smoothing effect.

- Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, and Sun Protection Factor 15 protect the lips against the harmful effects of light and help to fight against aging.

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zondag 14 februari 2016


Hi there romantic readers! Big plans for today? (or tonight?) I've spend a good time in Paris last weekend and created there an article for you ladies. To get you all inspired for today!
All the products:
Coco Noir Chanel shower gel and body lotion, By Terry baume the rose, Aveda Stress-fix body cream, Spa ritual massage creme, Royal fake eyelashes, La Mer Genaissance The Serum Essence, 
Moët and Chandon rosé impéral, Diptyque scented candle "voilette", Diptyque's "Voilette" in fullsize (bought in Paris) and Jo Malone's "lime basil and mandarin in travelsize, Chanel Broche, Clarins  Eclat minute Embellisseur Lèvres  Toffee Pink Shimmer, Clarins Joli Rouge Lipstick 715 Candy Rose, Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil - Cruella, undies Vicoria Secret, Jo Malone London "Wild bluebell"
Moët and Chandon Rosé Imperial.
I love this! Specially this edition. And this small edition is perfect for traveling.
Cheers to love!
 La Mer Genaissance The Serum Essence
" For a glowy skin al day and night!"
This age-transcending serum essence was inspired when a scientist at the Max Huber Research Labs discovered crystals forming in a beaker of Miracle Broth™. Extraordinarily pure, the Crystal Miracle Broth is slow-crafted in extremely small batches to reach its ultimate potency. This advanced broth infuses skin with the life-generating energies of the sea, helping it visibly renew from within. In moments, genesis begins. Day after day, skin is infused with a new look of life. Rejuvenation becomes reality.

By Terry Baume the rose
"If your'e not wearing red-or-pink lips you can go for this balm. For lovely smelling soft  kissable lips! Men prefer this over lipstick for sure ;)" 

An ultra-glamorous, multi-protective and nutri-plenishing SOS treatment for double use: lips and nails. Ultra-rich, it soothes the driest and most delicate areas. This precious balm is creamy, non-sticky, humectant and silky and features a delicate rose fragrance.

Aveda Stress fix body creme.
"Perfect for after a massage. Promise you, you will sleep like a baby after applying this all over your body."
Aroma proven to reduce feelings of stress
Deeply moisturises dry, dehydrated skin with a unique blend of sustainably harvested sea algae
Provides 24-hour moisture
Restores skin's natural moisture barrier with certified organic shea butter and sunflower seed oil

Clarins Eclat minute Embellisseur Lèvres  Toffee Pink Shimmer (NEW!), Clarins Joli Rouge Lipstick 715 Candy Rose (NEW!)
I love Clarins make-up as you all know and I am obsessed with there new lipglosses. They are so balmy and shimmery at the same time. Not sticky at all. Just perfect!
And this new color is exactly what I am looking for.

To give you an impression about last weekend!

The best hotel view! Every hour in the evening the Eiffeltower starts to "glitter" with lights for five minutes long. 

Coco Noir in the shower! I love luxurious products like these. It makes you feel extra special in the bathroom.
 These candles make me so happy. Best way to make you feel at home in the hotel.
Diptyque's "Voilette" in fullsize (bought in Paris) and Jo Malone London's "lime basil and mandarin in travelsize.

When in Paris... visiting pharmacies! To buy beautyproducts like the moisturizing creme from Ebryolisse and for the lips homeplasmine. 
I also brought my favorite parfume with me to Paris! Jo Malone's "Wild Bluebell" 

Hope you have a great day. Rather you go out for dinner, taking bath's together or just a netflix night and chill .. Enjoy!

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woensdag 10 februari 2016


Bonjour! Had an amazing time in Paris and of course I wanted to share an outfit post.
So here it is! The sun just came up when shooting the picture.
 Sweater from wool AndOtherStories | Leather jacket Zara | Blouse CA | Broche and earrings Chanel | Pants Random store | Heels Maco Tozzi | Bag Marc by Marc Jacobs | Hat HM | Pompom HM

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maandag 8 februari 2016


 Oui, Oui! Had an amazing time in Paris. We went for four days in the city of love.
The streets are gorgeous. We walked so much trough the city (I cant feel my legs anymore.. ;) A bit of sight-seeing, shopping, eating..
 Laduree, OMG. This is so cute! When in Paris.. Pharmacies! Buying beauty musthaves. Brunches and afternoon snacks every day.
 Love is in the air! Visiting the Eiffeltower and visiting the Diptyque store.
 Lafayette! More Diptyque candles. Streetstyle. Wearing my new green sweater from Other Stories And my green coat from Urban outfitters. And the brunches remains...We went biking that day!
Bathroom treats! I've took the Chanel Coco noir bodylotion and showergel with me. Love it. More Eiffeltower selfies.

Had an amazing time! I have an outfit post coming up in a few days!

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vrijdag 5 februari 2016


I've heard so much about this brand called Paula's Choice. Never tried anything before so the perfect opportunity now I am almost out of cleansers.

About the cleanser:
Paula's Choice Moisture Boost One Step Face Cleanser gently washes away makeup and impurities without stripping your skin of vital moisture. The lightweight formula hydrates and soothes for a calm, refreshed look and smooth, supple feel. Gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

I am very very very positive about this product! Normaly I cleanse my face with all kinds of products. Milk, Tonic, eyemake-up remover you name it...But now, for the day's that I'm not that in to a full cleanse routine this product is perfect. Just one step and all the make-up is gone. Really gone! Also mascara,eyeliner and eyeshadow. Everything. 
It calms the skin.
Have you ever tried a product from this brand?

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woensdag 3 februari 2016


Clinique introduces a true knight night: NEW Clinique Super Defense Moisturizer Night Recovery, a restorative night cream that does the heavy lifting while the skin rest. These nocturnal caregiver helps fight the signs of aging because it protects against external damage (eg pollution). A mix of active ingredients helps reinforce the skin barrier and stimulate the skin's own collagen and elastin. So you wake up with a fresh, youthful skin that is ready for a new day.

- Protects the skin against the external world
- Slows down the aging process
- Firms te skin
- Hydrates for top of the bill protection

Available in two textures: Very Dry - Very Dry Combination and Combination Grease -Grease. Use every night after the 3 Step System on face and neck.

My opinion?
I like it! The only thing is that there is no fragrance in it so it smells like nothing.
But better for the skin ofcourse!
It pulls in the skin very quick and easy.

Available from the end of januari.
 € 54,60 (50ml)

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maandag 1 februari 2016


Februari has officially started and Dermalogica came up with this challenge that I think will interest all of you guys: The Detox Challenge!
I don't know about you guys but my skin can use some extra boost right now.


At least twice a week I love to use this hydrating mask. It moistures my skin so much!
CHALLENGE; Drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday.
I drink so much tea during the day. I think 8 at least!

A refreshing, oil-free gel of calming botanicals and antioxidant vitamins, which restores critical moisture to dry, dehydrated skin. Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque promotes suppleness while helping to reduce fine, dry lines. Antioxidant vitamins A, C and E help repair daily damage caused by free radicals while plant extracts help soothe and calm skin. Calming botanical extracts of bitter orange, hops, cucumber and arnica reduce inflammation. Panthenol nourishes and replenishes skin and helps promote cell regeneration.

A product that I wasn't familiar with yet. The structure is different than expected for a serum.

Microencapsulated vitamin complex for dramatic skin repair. For increased recovery and defense against skin aging, smooth over clean skin before moisturizing. Microencapsulated vitamins A, C and E penetrate deep into skin damage, helping to decrease fine lines and hyperpigmentation (age spots) while stimulating collagen formation to help decrease sun-induced aging in skin. Boost elasticity levels with a skin- strengthening protein peptide that overrides biochemical triggers that lead to skin aging. Formulated without artificial fragrances and colors.

CHALLENGE: Eat at least 6 peaces of fruit and vegetables a day.
I like to make fresh juices with our slowjuicer! Apples, pears, ginger, carrots, pineapple.. everything goes in there.

I've done are review about this product on youtube that you can see HERE incase you've missed it.
I am such a big FAN! It really does so much for my skin. I use this once a week but sometimes twice.

CHALLENGE: Exercise at least 30 minutes per day 5 times a week.
I walk so much everyday so this one is easy for me. I like to swim once a week for a whole hour.

Daily, leave-on exfoliating treatment to brighten and tone all skin conditions. Use daily between professional skin care visits for dramatic smoothing results. Each precisely-measured, leave-on dose contains one application of alpha and beta hydroxy acids and enzymes to smooth the skin, helping to reduce the signs of premature aging without irritation or redness. Help even skin tone with brightening Rice Extract, soothing Rooibos (Aspalatous Linearis) and Green teas, combined with Hyaluronic Acid and Eelgrass, help skin retain moisture and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Not recommended for users of medically-prescribed exfoliation products. Formulated without artificial fragrances and colors


I love this product! I wasn't familiar with this product but from now on I am hooked!
It feels so good on the skin and after a good night sleep my skin looks reborn!

CHALLENGE: Sleep at least 8 hours a night.
Well.. this is my pursuit anyways. But this doesn't always turn out that way.
I will do my best on this one and skip the late night Netflix-and-chill :)

Powerful peptide serum with Argan and Rose oils helps stimulate cellular repair overnight. Maximize nighttime skin repair to help minimize fine lines and increase luminosity. Smooth this serum into the skin or blend with your nighttime treatment cream for dramatic age-fighting benefits: our supercharged peptide serum helps stimulate collagen production to help firm and renew resilience while potent Argan and Rose oils revitalize lackluster skin and smooth away fine lines. Formulated without artificial fragrances and colors.

So what do you think? Are you joining this challenge?

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