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zaterdag 27 augustus 2016


Bvlari is launching a new fragrance! This beautiful bottle as you can see in the picture called Rose Goldea.

"After the great success of Goldea, Bvlgari launches its successor Rose Goldea in July 2016. In Goldea, "goddess of gold", jewelry house Bulgari focused on the intoxicating sweetness of exotic ylang-ylang flowers mingling with elegant white flowers of jasmine and neroli, while the warmth comes from Goldea's creamy shades of musk. Bvlgari descibes goldea as: "An homage to gold and femininity inspired by the Goddess of gold, and the beauty of the Sun.
Rose Goldea The Essence of The Jeweler brings a new fragrant story wrapped in a scented mantle of roses. Rose Goldea is feminine and seductive, but its beauty is reflected in the softness of rose petals. Alberto Morillas signed this feminine composition focused on the tantalizing scent of pomegranate combined with aromas of rose and jasmine. Morillas is increasingly using pomegranate as a key note in fragrances such as Omnia Coral, also from the house of Bvlgari, a fragrance where the red fruit is blended with feminine water lotus flowers and hibiscus."

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donderdag 25 augustus 2016


The perfect gain for fall/winter season: Coco Noir by Chanel! 
I had my eye on this beauty for a while and since I start a new stage of life (as a mom) in a few months I thought it would be the best excuse to buy the perfume. 
Feminine, strong, classy and chic is the best delineation if you ask me. Day or night, I don't care. Ok maybe now when it summer it can be more for the evening but when fall/winter it can be during the day time.

"Coco Noir is the embodiment of a black that reveals femininity. The contemporary expression of a magnetic sensuality told in a modern oriental fragrance with luminous notes. 

Striking top notes of Grapefruit and Bergamot accentuate the floral accord, with Rose and Jasmine, while Indonesian Patchouli and Sandalwood notes add warmth."

I already had the body lotion and shower gel in my bathroom and I still love it!
You can read an article I wrote with these included here
Spending way to much time in the bathroom these days.. ;)

100ml Eau the parfum €146

maandag 22 augustus 2016


I just love these art sticks from Bobbi Brown. The pigment, the substance, everything.
I like to choose these over a lipstick because it feels so comfortable on the lips.
Formulated with Shea Butter and emollients.
Easy to trow in the bag and it stay on the lips for ever. The only thing is you need to sharpen it so when you'r on holiday or something you need to bring a sharpener. But seriously that's the only dis advance I can think of.
The Dusty pink that I have reviewd here is a favorite that I wear on a daily basis. This brighter color will be worn ones in a while. Gorgeous when you wear all white.

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zaterdag 20 augustus 2016


Isa Dora is now also available in the Netherlands and must honestly say I did not knew te brand before the launching. I am very enthusiastic about most of the products and not forget to mention the prices are very approachable.
Let me show you these products for this summer collection!

Twin Tip Eyeliner
Twin tip applicator for a fine or broad line. Paddle shaped tip with two sides for versatile eyeliner effects. Super easy application – precision of a pencil 

Nourishing lip oil
Treat your lips with deeply nourishing oils during the summer. Nourishing Lip Oil instantly infuses your sun-kissed lips with nourishing care and coats them in a clear glossy shine. A real must-have in the handbag this season!

Twist-lip matt lips 50 Naked
Velvety matt lips with a satin soft feel. 

– Velvet matt finish 
– Creamy yet lightweight 
– Intense and long lasting 
– Special shaped tip for an easy and precise definition of the lip contour 
– Handy, retractable twist-up pen – no sharpener needed 

Eyeshadow quarted 08 sunkissed
The pigment is great!

Gel nail lacquer top coat

Gel lacquer 255 love boat

Wonder nail 538 sunny days

Nude Cushion Foundation
The new bronzer shade makes your skin glow a bit extra this summer! The foundation has a hydrating, detoxifying and soothing formula which makes it ideal for sun-kissed skin. All it takes is a tap and your ready for all adventures summer can offer!  A perfect on-the-go make-up for summer vacations!

Isa Dora Bronzing shimmer oil.
Weather you’re going to the beach or the the city, this is the must-have product this season! Our nourishing dry oil gives the perfect golden shimmer glow to your skin and hair with an energizing fresh scent of summer! Also perfect as an after sun oil to moisturize and soothe the skin  and hair and protect them from dehydration of sun exposure. A dash of this Bronzing Shimmer Oil from head to toe and  you will be ready for the bikini season in no time!

Nail Primer
Prep and prime your nails with IsaDora Nail Primers! 
Two fresh nude nail bases, ”Natural” and ”Glossy”, with nutrient rich ingredients. Use alone for a fresh nude manicure or as a base for an extended wear of your nail polish. 
• Extends the wear of the nail polish 
• Ridgefiller – fills in ridges and creates a smooth even nail surface 
• Nutrient rich ingredients – includes minerals, Vitamin E and C 
How to use: 
1. As a primer: Apply one coat before applying your nail polish. 
2. As a nude manicure: Apply two coats on a bare nail. 

Velvet Matt Nails 826 velvet white
Glam up your nails with a Matt Satin touch effect! 
Extra long-lasting and quick drying with extra wide brush – covers 
the nail in one stroke. Its covering formula is easy to apply and evens 
out the surface of the nail. Inspired by glamorous and luxurious fabrics like satin, velvet and taffetas, Velvet Matt Nails gives your nails a fashion forward look with an edgy matt finish. 

- Matt effect and color in one 
- Long-lasting 
- Quick drying 
- Covering formula 
- Frosted nail polish bottle to differentiate the product 
- Remove with IsaDora Quick Dip Nail Polish Remover 

Wonder nail 529 Sunkissed. 
Love this color! 

Face sculptor
Sculpt and bronze your skin with the new Face Sculptors Limited Edition! Depending on season or skin tone, choose your perfect Face Sculptor - Natural Bronze or Medium Bronze,

Quick dry nail dropper is a product that is not mentioned in this article because I got it later but it is my absolute favorite product! One drop on the nail and your polish dries very quick.
We all know the suffer of using the hands while the polish is not dry yet. It always messing up my nails!

Are you familiar yet with this brand?
Isa Dora is available at Douglas.

woensdag 17 augustus 2016


New in! Davines Oi All in One Milk is a rich and nourishing multi-benefit leave in treatment spray. 
Suitable for all hair types. I love to use this when I have curls or when I have straightened my hair.
It moisturizes my hair and makes it shine. The smell of the product is amazing!
Ok lets be honest of course I used manyyyyy products to get my hair straight like this you all know that. But this product definitely makes a difference. Oh and btw... my hair is a bit darker again have you noticed?

adds shine
adds softness and silkiness
has an excellent detangling power
facilitates combing of dry and wet hair
controls frizz
has an exceptional conditioning effect
gives body without weighing hair down
moisturizes hair
facilitates blow drying
heat protection
provides a longer-lasting hairstyle

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maandag 15 augustus 2016


 When I receive something from Chanel, my heart always makes a little beat. It simply makes a woman happy. The classic slick appearance but always oh, so feminine.
Today I review the "rouge coco stylo complete care lipshine sticks" There are eight different colors and I am showing you three. Roman, Récit and  Histoire. Gorgeous springy colors.
The products are not a new launch btw.

"For women who don’t want to choose between colour, shine and lip care, Chanel has created Rouge coco stylo. In one easy step, this lipstick pen accentuates a style and a personality to match every mood and colour."

They are very creamy and the pigment comes off quit strong. They feel so comfortable No dry lips! They don't stay on the lips very long so when you go out for dinner I would say switch to a different product. In my opinion it's really in between lipstick and lipgloss. The pigment of a lipstick but the stay of a gloss.
A must-have in your bag this summer!


Have you tried the complete care lipshine yet?
The available colors: 

202 Conte A fresh, tender and delicate pink.

204 Article A bright, luminous coral.

206 Histoire A fresh, vibrant and intense red.

208 Roman A lively, smoldering fuchsia pink.

212 Récit A deep purple.

214 Message A brownish rosewood.

216 Lettre A soft and subtle rosewood. 218 Script A discreet and natural nude.


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donderdag 11 augustus 2016


When it comes to skin care, Sisley is definitely on of my favorite brands.
It's an high-end brand with botanical skincare and a family company.
Overall my skincare-stash starting to get dominated by Sisley slowly and I found a product that exists for a while but is new for me. Talkin' about the gentle make-up remover for face and eyes.
At night I am always tired and I want my make-up removed as quick as possible.
Of course it's a whole routine.. and it takes about 10 minutes... but better than half an our right?
So I choose my products wisely. It's so easy: Just put a cotton pad on top of the bottle and pump a few times. Then take the make-up off. It's very gentle. I use a different eye-make-up remover when I have a heavy look and after this I always use a facewash with water. I can't live without that.
I use a new product from Sisley for that process but I can tell you more about that later! Oh and it smells so good. Also an important factor for me. I love Sisley.

This Gentle Makeup Remover is a 3 in 1 product: it removes makeup from the face and eyes, cleanses, and tones skin. Formulated with plant-based saponins with strong cleansing powers, it removes impurities and traces of pollution accumulated over the course of the day, preserving skin's radiance. It effectively eliminates even the most stubborn makeup from the face and eyes. 

A combination of 2 naturally-derived active ingredients with soothing, softening, and relaxing properties (linden blossom water and neroli extract), create a pleasant sensation of well-being and freshness. 

Place a cotton pad against the pump, then press 2 to 3 times to soak the pad. Begin by wiping each eye with a separate cotton pad and then continue on to wipe the remainder of the face with another cotton pad. Reapply if necessary to remove makeup completely. Use in the morning to awaken and stimulate the skin. Use in the evening to effectively eliminate makeup from the face and eyes. Do not rinse.

Active ingredients:

Extracts of Shikakai, Desert Date, and Gypsophila: plant-based saponins with strong cleansing power
Linden Blossom Water: soothes and softens the epidermis
Neroli Extract: provides toning properties
Natural Alpha Bisabolol: soothes
Provitamin B5: promotes well-hydrated skin and soothes

Appropriate for those with sensitive eyes and those who wear contact lenses.

€81,- 300ml

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maandag 8 augustus 2016


A head full of curls takes a lot of care as u all know. Every day is a surprise how the coupe will show.
I love my curls of course and I only brush them in the shower when my hair is wet.
When I brush my hair when it's dry it will explode ;) 
I was curious about the tangle Teezer for a while but there was no special one for my type of hair. So when I received a letter in the mail if I was willing to try this new edition I was very excited!

About the product:
The Thick & Curly detangling hairbrush from Tangle Teezer is the best way to achieve tangle free hair for those with thick, curly and afro hair.

Who doesn't love head turning thick hair with masses of curls? But brushing can literally have you pulling your hair out with teeth getting stuck mid-way through stopping you perfecting the style you want. Thankfully, help is in the palm of your hand with the new Thick & Curly detangling hairbrush specifically designed for thick, curly and afro hair. Finally, this hair type is not too difficult for brushing - it's a liberating hair revolution!

The Thick & Curly detangling hairbrush from Tangle Teezer is perfect for those with thick, curly and afro hair. It takes all the brilliance of The Original Tangle Teezer brush - palm friendly design and flexible teeth that don't tug or pull on wet or dry hair - but with an added supersized detangling experience.

The answer to how to detangle thick, curly or afro hair with ease is here and it couldn't be simpler. The Thick & Curly Tangle Teezer detangling hairbrush is a super smooth operator that works perfectly on both dry and wet hair. The teeth are longer (an additional 4mm) and stronger than The Original with FIRMFLEX TECHNOLOGY that means teeth are firm but flexible so hair is detangled and brushed confidently with no pulling, tugging or tearing.

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zaterdag 6 augustus 2016


What have I been up to?

 1: Woke up like this.. 2: My hair is a bit darker again! There was too much going on between different colors so I wanted to be even again. It turned out much darker than expected but I hope it will get a little bit lighter again;) 3: Spending my tuesday like... 
 4: Nursery getting painted in this cute mint color. 5: Bvlgari products! 6: Strolling in our neighborhood with a 6 months pregnant belly.
 7: How cute is my "new" vintage soap jar? A gorgeous shell and my Diptyque soap bar fits perfecly in it. 8: My new knit sweater from COS! Love the color and the fit. It's from the new fall collection. I love this color you all know that haha. 9: Selfie
10: Pancakes whooohooe! There is a cute new pancake restaurant around the corner called : MOOK. 
11: Saturday grocery shopping. 12: Our new brocant cabinet. I let it ship over from Groningen because I found it there in a store. Very happy with that! We did a little make-over at home. 

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donderdag 4 augustus 2016


Some for me, some for the baby ;) How cute are these luxury products from Bvlgari?
I've seen them in store a few years a go so I was aware that Bvlgari offers these kind of products.
When they send me these two products I was very touched. Maybe mommy will use the products first but it will definitely be showed in the nursery. Her first luxury beauty products.
Did I already told you how happy I am getting a girl..? ;)

6 months pregnant now and still going strong! The first 5 months it was so easy and I almost didn't noticed I was pregnant when it comes to aliments. Shining all day. I feel her bouncing in my belly and that's very special. But now slowly.. my back hurts and that kind of stuff. But I am not complaining ;) Nursery is almost finished and I can't wait to meet our little daughter.

Alcohol-free fragrance, Petits et Maman which is classified as aromatic-floral, is the first fragrance created for children, to the greatest delight of mothers and mothers-to-be. To compose Petits et Mamans, Bulgari choses gentle ingredients in order not to harm children’s skin. Tea is the main ingredient in this fragrance. It is widely known for its calming and soothing properties, not only in perfumes, but also in the form of nice, hot cup of relaxing tea which soothes the rough edges of a tired mind and soul. The fresh, citrusy beginning is followed by the unusual floral heart composed of chamomile, sunflower and rose. Natural peach, vanilla and iris extracts make for a pure and tender childlike moment. It was created in 1997. The nose behind this fragrance is Nathalie Lorson.

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